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    Bridge of Clay, του Markus Zusak (εκδόσεις Transworld Publishers Ltd)

    Ένα βιβλίο που λειτουργεί αντιστικτικά στο κλίμα των ημερών, αποτελεί ένα σημαντικό όχημα στον στοχασμό και την ενδοσκόπηση.

    Monopoli Team

    Το «Bridge of Clay» είναι ένα επικό μυθιστόρημα πέντε αδελφών που μεγαλώνουν χωρίς γονείς και της προσπάθειας ενός αγοριού να σώσει την οικογένειά του μετά από μία τραγωδία.

    Here is a story told inside out and back to front:

    The five Dunbar brothers are living in the perfect chaos of a house without grown-ups. Today, the father who walked out on them long ago is about to walk right back in.

    Interrupting the boys who have been bringing themselves up, their father has mysteriously returned with a special favour, and the brother named Clay is the one to accept. It is his only chance to re-connect with the father he desperately loves, and with the mother whose memory lies deep in their hearts. It will help him come to terms with a harrowing secret that is tormenting his life, a secret that he must do something extraordinary to redeem – that will bring his family back together.

    From a grandfather who sought answers in the words of the Ancient Greeks, to a mother and father who fell in love over a lost piano, to five sons who come of age in a house with no rules: this is a tale of a family held together only by stories – a family at whose heart lies one boy’s epic quest for atonement.

    Both a heart-breaking emotional mystery and a search for greatness, BRIDGE OF CLAY is filled with drama, joy and human empathy.

    It is the biggest, most dazzling tour de force from a master storyteller.


    Έτος Έκδοσης: 2018

    Αριθμός Σελίδων: 592

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